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technical advantages

High-speed ejector FESTO
Reject the inclusion of sub-standard products of the incident flux, the tens of thousands of grains per second. Time since the discovery of the defect camera to trigger the ejector - 1.5 m / s, MTBF - 9 billion cycles.
Resortirovochny tray
Apply for re-sorting minimizes the loss of good product.
The innovative control system

Office of the separator by using the touch screen. Information about any error or malfunction of the system is sent by email to the technical center "Voronezhselmash" and promptly removed.

The possibility of using more than 10 algorithms, clearing solids (the simultaneous selection of light and dark impurities of setting the size of the allocated area and the defect).

You can save any number of your own cleaning mode for instant switching to another product.

Linear camera

Linear camera with built-in high-speed image processing module based on dual-core processor support creation of digital images with a resolution of ~ 16 000 gradations of brightness that is 60 times more than their foreign counterparts.

The size of the defect distinguished high-speed linear camera - 0.5 x 0.2 mm.
LED lighting
Provides uniform spatial distribution of radiation with an accuracy of 1%, 2 times lower power consumption and 10 times longer life than fluorescent lighting.
Multi-colored lights
Allow you to remove impurities are similar in tone and form fit with the product, sorted by product light and dark settings.
Infrared light
It is indispensable for sorting sunflower. Due to the high sensitivity of the smallest impurities are fixed in a sealed chamber and removed from the stream.
Soon: sort by gluten
Completes testing of a special mechanism for sorting product content of gluten in grains.

Technical characteristics
Mark F5.1 F10.1 F15.1 F20.1
Type Stationary
Drive Electric
View of energy consumption Alternating current 220V 50Hz
Dimensions in working position, mm, max.
— Length
— Width
— Height




Total installed power, kW, not more 1.1 1.8 2.4 3.1
The number of staff, pers. An engineer of the complex, unit or technical lines
Rated capacity in 1 hour 0,4-7,5 0,8-15 1,2-22,5 1,6-30
Podsor seed and waste Not alowed
Air flow, l/min. 800-1200 1200-2000 2000-3000 2000-4000
The air pressure at the inlet to the separator 0,7-0,9
Operating air pressure 0,3-0,5
Number of high speed valves, pieces 72 144 216 288

installation and maintenance